A Generator That Can Create Electricity Out of Thin Air

A Generator That Can Create Electricity Out of Thin Air

07/02/2022 Off By Charlotte Coleman

The Moray Generator is an energy-generating system on steroids. Comprising a series of explanatory videos and colour photos, the Moray Generator video guide instructs people to build this device. These videos feature demonstrating the step-by-step construction of the generator.

The way this device works is unlike any generator out there. Radiant energy powers the generator. This energy comes from the environment. It is present in the cosmos, meaning it is everywhere.

This energy generator can produce electricity out of thin air, making it one of its kind. It is portable and can work day and night, irrespective of the site where it’s kept. This is in contrast to items like solar panels and wind turbines that are bound by their location.

We are all surrounded by background radiation which is also the primary source of radiant energy. The Moray Generator system utilizes this energy through its circuitry to generate electricity. You can use it to power your electrical appliances in your home non-stop.

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