All about How to Become a Good Beekeeper

All about How to Become a Good Beekeeper

13/02/2022 Off By Charlotte Coleman

Beekeeping 101 is a detailed, illustrated training manual that covers the most important aspects of beekeeping such as the most popular type of bee and the ideal size and location for your colony. A list of the equipment needed to launch your beekeeping operation and the approximate cost is extensively covered in Beekeeping 101.

Beekeeping 101 discusses the best time to set your hives when to harvest the honey, various methods used to harvest honey, and how to prepare your bees for the cold winter months and that is just a shortlist of what this eBook contains!

Pictures throughout the entire eBook illustrate ideas that make it even easier to understand! The anatomy of a bee and hive construction will no longer be a mystery with the included diagrams. It also includes the most common bee diseases and how to recognize and treat them. As a bonus, you will also receive a truly fascinating crash course in hive behaviour!

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