Build Your Dream Boat with Easy Step-by-Step Plan

Build Your Dream Boat with Easy Step-by-Step Plan

11/02/2022 Off By Charlotte Coleman

My Boat Plans – this book will show you the easiest way to build your dream boat. With 518 boat plans in store for you, you can build any boat you wish to.

In this book of instructions and illustrations, you will find hundreds of detailed boat plans, schematics and all the patterns on how to cut wood, material lists of all types of boats there is on the waters. There is a simple to navigate and search option that provides for quick cross-referencing between the plans that are highlighted in the book. Complete illustrated three-dimensional colour photos and diagrams to assist you in building or constructing and provide visual explanations. Several videos on the “how-to” and the boat building tips.

All in all, My Boat Plans is a huge, comprehensive package that entails all the plans, measurements, and directions that is required for building beautiful boats for oar, sail, or motor.

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