English Bull Terrier - Behavior and Education

English Bull Terrier – Behavior and Education

09/02/2022 Off By Charlotte Coleman

This book contains a collection of the experiences that the authors had while taking care of their terrier. It was written with practical instances they met and it explains in detail what every dog owner should expect in their journey of living with their pets. In this eBook, you will find revealing instances teaching you how to bring up your Bull terrier or other special dogs you have. You will also discover the fun parts and sad instances that come with having a Bull terrier.

Many of the things you will find described in this book includes: choosing a puppy, finding another home for the puppy, how to go about rescuing a puppy, preparations you have to make for your dog especially in your home, the diets and kinds of food that dogs eat, how to train your puppy (like how to use the toilet or go outside when they feel like defecating or urinating), accidents you should expect and avoid while living with your dog, how to go about walking your dog (with insight on the use of collars and belts), the sleeping place and behaviour of the dog, how to exercise them and treats you can prepare for them, how to bath and groom them properly, how to teach them to understand bad language and bad habits, how to make them understand signs and more.

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