Everything You Need to Know about Electronics Repair

Everything You Need to Know about Electronics Repair

15/02/2022 Off By Charlotte Coleman

Are you interested in the topic of electronics and want to become a master of this business? Learn how to repair any electronic item with this guide.

When purchasing books on electronics, you will learn how: How to use your analogue and digital meter to test electronic components like a professional. You will learn how to use analogue and digital multimeters to perform voltage, current, resistance and continuity testing. Discover the right way to discharge capacitors. How you can easily read and calculate the resistor and capacitor coding. How to perform voltage testing on voltage regulator ICS. And much more!

This E-book is written for beginners, hobbyists, technical college/university students and those who have an interest in electronics or even seasoned electronic repairers. Easy to follow step by step instructions. So simple, anyone can follow along. Complete full-colour photos (about 190 plus photos) to go along with the instructions. This removes all the guesswork!

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