Ideas to Help You Nail Down Your Porch Design

Ideas to Help You Nail Down Your Porch Design

15/02/2022 Off By Charlotte Coleman

See numerous porch designs from various perspectives – up close, from the street, from above, from the sides. In this book, you will see the same porch design from different angles and get ideas for landscaping, walkways and even furniture placement.

Compare subtle differences in porch components – like round and square columns and different kinds of porch flooring materials. Get some simple porch decorating ideas. We ‘decorated’ some of the porches with furniture, rugs, plants and amenities and we don’t mind a bit if you copy those ideas on your porch.

Get a feel for how the porch space can be used by seeing some furniture placement ideas. Another little plus is the front porch landscaping and walkway ideas you will see. Conceptual drawings show you these porches from various angles – almost as if you were there walking around the front yard. This picture eBook will help you actually ‘feel’ a little bit like being there.

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