Keep Your Railroad and Locomotives Running Flawlessly

Keep Your Railroad and Locomotives Running Flawlessly

12/02/2022 Off By Charlotte Coleman

With DCC you can have a truly realistic operation without complex wiring. Your loco’s can run more smoothly, start easier, and operate at more prototypical top speeds with more pulling power. The truth is; your can easily program your loco’s to perform better than they ever did under the old DC system.

Tiny decoders can give you complete control over the loco speed, direction, lights and sounds. With just the press of a button, you can operate your locomotives, the points and all your accessories with amazing effect!

The DCC Model Trains Handbook will guide you step-by-step to have your DCC model railroad running to perfection in no time at all. Keep the handbook by your layout, so it’s close by if you ever have any problems you want to solve about: decoders and packets, power districts, auto-reverse, consisting, programming, function key mapping and more. Packed with useful tips and ideas.

This DCC Handbook even includes 22 questions and answers supplied by others in the hobby, as they explain their secret tips and how they overcame the kinds of problems you’ll experience too.

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