Learn Secrets to Create Bath Bombs, Soothing Creams, and Fragrance

Learn Secrets to Create Bath Bombs, Soothing Creams, and Fragrance

12/02/2022 Off By Charlotte Coleman

The Handcrafter’s Companion is your comprehensive, step-by-step guide to creating your own spa-quality products, for fun and profit! From pampering bath treatments to rich, soothing creams and butter and aromatic home fragrance products — The Handcrafter’s Companion is a priceless reference collection of product recipes designed to create a relaxing spa atmosphere in your own home.

Inside the pages of The Handcrafter’s Companion, you’ll discover an incredible collection of more than 126 spa product recipes that you can use “as is” or easily adapt to your own needs! Change the essential oils, add fragrant herbs or other ingredients, or use as provided. It’s entirely up to you — the possibilities are limited only by your imagination!

This guide also contains: How to label your products properly to comply with both FDA regulations and the expectations of your customers. 22 low cost and no cost promotional Ideas for promoting your products on a shoestring budget while you get established. Calculating your costs for maximum profitability – if you’re creating products for sale, the wrong pricing can sink you before you know it. This program shows you how to calculate your costs and set prices that allow you to turn a profit and grow your income.

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