Adjustable Garden Irrigation Sprayer


It is very suitable for spraying water or other liquids while cleaning the house, spraying weeds, treating plants and flowers, spraying vegetables, and moistening flowers.

0.8 L1.5 L
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Compression nebulizer for indoor and outdoor use. This robust sprayer is suitable for lawns and gardens. Additional applications include car wash and maintenance. This product is suitable for spraying water up to 131°F. Translucent Bottle Unlike other invisible bottles, this pressure sprayer contains a translucent bottle with a calibration scale. You can easily check the fluid level and know exactly when to top up. Adjustable brass nozzle, ergonomic lockable handle, and pressure relief valve. Used to care for plants, flowers, gardens and lawns, car wheels, windows, and bodywork. The garden sprayer is equipped with a pressure relief system that automatically releases the overpressure when it exceeds 2.5 – 3 bar. The water pump can withstand good pressure, and spraying is more convenient and longer. The adjustable brass nozzle can be easily adjusted, simply turn the nozzle gently to spray a wide or narrow long stream of water. The lockable trigger can be sprayed continuously for a long time, which reduces finger fatigue. The translucent water tank can clearly display the remaining water in the flower pot and refill it in time. The water tank is equipped with a filter to prevent the spray from clogging. This versatile pressure sprayer with pump function can adapt to everyday use.


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