Adjustable Water Dropper 50 Pcs


It can maintain consistency during prolonged laying or pressure fluctuations, irrigation uniformity, low irrigation rate allows the soil to more fully absorb water in the root zones of plants.

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Great for watering potted plants. Automatic cleaning, water erosion flow inlet, anti-clogging. Ability to maintain consistency during long-term paving or pressure fluctuations, uniformity. Adjustable drip irrigation system with micro-drip irrigation, anti-clogging sprinklers, emitter, drip chamber, red garden supplies. Make your life better and use water efficiently. Kit includes 50 drippers with 1/4 ” thread diameter, 0.5 m spray radius, automatic cleaning, water erosion trigger, anti-clogging. Retains density during long-term laying or pressure drops irrigation uniformity. Great for automatic watering of potted plants, it is water efficient and water saving. 8 spray holes and the ability to adjust the water flow and shut off the water flow. Large water channels and a self-cleaning function help prevent clogging.


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