Creative Transparent Plant Pot


Made of high-quality and environmentally friendly plastic, which behaves perfectly in operation, combines high strength and durability of use. On the top with two vents, you can not only grow flowers but also support small fish.

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The new cool self-watering flower pot not only allows you to view the exposed roots and soil of your plants, flowers or grasses but also maintains ideal moisture levels in them. This unique planter is made of transparent plastic with a cubic outer side and a suspended inner planter shaped like a traditional flower pot. To water, simply fill the outer tank with water, and the permeable terracotta disc at the base of the inner pot will allow it to soak over time to water on its own. When you look closely at your weasel, small plants can grow healthy every day, which is the happiest. Use for patio, garden, balcony, bedroom, hallway. A practical and high-quality flower pot designed for growing ornamental indoor plants.


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