Double Layer Hanging Flower Basket


The pots use a mix of soft beige and cream shades that blend perfectly with any modern decor. The inner plastic liner, allowing you to hide plastic pots and trays without worrying about leaks, is also ideal for artificial flowers.



Bring a touch of nature and greenery to walls, doorways or office spaces. The beautiful and lightweight seaweed is made from natural fibers that are durable and chemical-free for pure products and versatile functions. Ornamental hanging plants let your interior decorating skills shine, hang this flower pot to add chic and vitality to your home, office. Made by hand from high-quality seaweed, which is a natural and environmentally friendly substitute. Beautiful and lightweight algae are made from durable natural fibers that do not contain chemicals, making the product pure and versatile. Ornamental hanging plants arrange these pots to hang on top of each other for a chic look and liven up your home, office or sheltered garden.


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