Double Sided Brass Garden Hose Connector


Easy to connect and disconnect, quick release makes it easy to connect and remove the hose.

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The quick connector is made of solid brass, strong and durable, will not rust or spill easily. It can be used with confidence, easy to operate, can quickly connect the hose, can provide a continuous flow of water, is the best tool to complete the connection of water pipes and fittings. The hose connector connects to the correct type of hose, does not leak, is easy to connect and disconnect, and you won’t waste a lot of time and energy. Fits most plug connectors. It can be used for gardening, a car wash is enough to meet your needs, it should be the most suitable brass quick connector for your water pipe. New and high-quality connector, safe tool for quick connection in the home garden. A good alternative to the standard plastic garden hose adapter. For connectors, mixer taps, hose adapters. Garden hose thread with precise design, perfect for hose, fully sealed.


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