Drip Tape For Irrigation


Scientific and rational groove design ensures even and stable drip flow. Dripper and tube integration, convenient installation, low cost, low investment.

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The method of drip irrigation can significantly reduce labour costs for constant irrigation of cultivated plants, with drip irrigation, water consumption is significantly reduced, because irrigation goes only to the root zone of plants, and with ordinary irrigation, water is also consumed for watering a row. row spacing, which leads to crust formation and constant weed growth. The effectiveness of drip irrigation has already been proven many times, it is successfully used not only in private farms and dachas but also in industrial vegetable growing and horticulture. The drip irrigation tape with emitters is convenient to use and is used in home gardens and vineyards. The product has special holes for water seepage and ensures gentle and safe watering. The principle of operation of drip tapes. Fluid enters the control channel from the supply pipe through a plurality of filter openings and passes through a labyrinth channel that regulates water flow.


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