High Pressure Watering Hose


Fully extendable hose this hose is convenient and space-saving when you use this hose, it extends three times its original length. When you stop using it, the hose will automatically shrink to its normal length, which can save a lot of storage space.

15 m22.5 m30 m7.5 m
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Ease of use incredibly expanding design use and storage is a breeze. Just turn on the tap and watch this hose expand to reach the far corners of your garden. When the water is turned off, the hose is compressed to its original size. Suitable for different needs thanks to the expanding design it will fit perfectly into your life. The rubberized outer cover is non-slip and comfortable, water your garden or pool, shower, or wash your car. No more leaks Normal working water pressure The new hose can safely withstand water pressures up to 145 psi. High cost-effectiveness from the highest quality materials The inside of the hose is made of three-layer natural latex and the outside of the water hose is made of high-strength polyester. The most functional, lightweight, and flexible hose.


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