High Temperature Fire Resistant Grill Gloves


The long sleeve protects your hand as well as your arms while waiting for a barbecue masterpiece or carrying hot items on the smoker or grill.

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The material of the gloves is made of food-grade neoprene, water, fire, and stain resistance. Designed to cook berries with an insulated, textured, non-slip five-finger palm, so you can work with moist or fatty meats in a smokehouse or barbecue and cook pork stew like the pros. The two-layer soft cotton lining not only provides the most comfortable fit, but also insulates well from heat, the gloves fit loosely, so your hands stay cool and comfortable while you are busy with barbecues, smoking, and other household chores. The neoprene cover is melt resistant and fire retardant, protects your hands from smokers, flames, and grilled fire, making them a great camping accessory. The flexible waterproof neoprene coating on this glove is resistant to heat, grease, oil, water and stains, even chemical liquids. Just wash your gloves with a little soap and hang them up to dry without leaving oil or stains and they will be a pleasure to use. Since the neoprene rubber cover is waterproof, you can handle hot boiling water or steam easily, just immerse your hands in hot boiling water without feeling the heat.


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