Intelligent Automatic Watering Controller Gardening Irrigation


The amount of water can be adjusted directly from the mobile phone, and the progress of irrigation can be monitored in the background in real-time.



Regular watering you can set the watering time and duration as an alarm, and you can also set the amount of water. The weather link allows you to sync your local weather forecast. The need for watering can be set depending on the weather, temperature, humidity, and other conditions. Waterproof and heat resistant, not afraid of getting wet, heat resistant up to 85 degrees celsius, not afraid of shocks. Therefore, it can be used with confidence even in extreme weather. Once your mobile phone is connected, you can shower with a voice that will free your hands, and it is compatible with most voice smart devices on the market. You can know the working status of the automatic water sprinkler through your mobile phone, avoid water leakage and make it easier to use.


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