Kit Automatic Drip Irrigation System 30 Spikes


It is the perfect choice for watering any indoor plant. It is ideal for those who travel and want to properly water their plants. A large planter will require two or more plant fountains.

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Automatic drip irrigation system for plants. Self-irrigation probes are an easy and effective way to water your plants during the holidays. Simply submerge them in water for a few minutes to prepare the tip, then insert the probe into potting soil and place the ends of the hose in the nearest pool. Water will slowly flow through the ceramic cone, automatically watering the plants without setting a timer or worrying about turning on your electronic device when you leave. This high-quality European design, using Chinese plant drinking water without electricity, automatically maintains the optimal moisture level of the soil in the pots. When using a thorn, simply fill the ceramic cone with water, cover it and press it into the soil. Then place the supply hose in the nearest sink. He will now pour water into the pot as needed. When water from the clay cone is inhaled into dry soil, a vacuum is created to inhale more water through the supply hose.


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