Large Non-Stick Grill Topper


This stainless steel grill pan is ideal for small vegetables and meats, fish and especially hamburgers as it is easy to turn over.

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The grill topper cooks tender shrimps, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, asparagus, fish, steaks, hamburgers or grilled oysters without losing them in depth. The large vegetable basket can be used to grill a variety of vegetables, seafood, meats and more. The grill basket is the perfect tool for grilling without losing even the smallest pieces through the wire rack. Double handles allow you to hold it with two hands instead of one, thanks to the integrated handles of the outdoor vegetable grill baskets you have a secure grip for easy transport from the kitchen to the grill. Thanks to the handles and dimensions, this vegetable grill basket is easy to use in both the smoker and the grill. Great vegetable grill basket for camping, year-round BBQ parties and a great addition to your BBQ tool kit. The holes in the grill tray allow the glass of fat and oil to drain off the meat and smoke easily penetrates each piece of meat. This BBQ baking tray will appeal to chefs and novices alike.


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