Mini Portable Household Sprayer


The small and handy plant sprayer can spray an ultrafine mist for succulents with a few gentle taps.

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The sprayer is made of lightweight and durable glass instead of PP and PET glass. The bronze-like plastic nozzle can spray ultra-fine mist. Lovely pumpkin sculpting, small watering can, small and light, you can spray water mist with a light touch, water the flower or grass to improve the lift. Mister plant with a convenient ring finger holder on the top pump, so it can be easily gripped to prevent breakage. The small plant mist sprayer is ideal for all your household needs, including cleaning, planting, sterilizing plants and flowers, misting up leaves and cleaning windows, and many more uses. If you are a plant lover, you need a splitter to water the plant. An elegant and premium aerosol can right here. A vintage Victorian water spray bottle not only can water your potted plant but can also be a decorative bottle for your home.


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