Natural Bristle Oil Brush With Wooden Handle


Good brush, tight design, high oil content, good elasticity. The coat is soft and dense, with thick woollen peaks, from which it is not easy to fall off and colour more evenly.



Soft and flexible bristles provide a smooth and easy flow of liquid and adhere to natural bristles for easy application. The handle is made of high-quality wood, covered with a healthy varnish, very comfortable to use. It can be used for various purposes in the kitchen, such as frosting, baking, spreading sauce, washing eggs, and making candy. Suitable for preparing a variety of dishes including barbecues, pastries, cakes, and more. An irreplaceable helper for cooking in the kitchen. Waterproof, very durable liquid-retaining handle. Each baking brush handle has a hole that can be used to hang the brushes conveniently in places where they are easily accessible. They are very easy to clean and do not remain greasy after cleaning. You can wash it by hand or use the dishwasher without any problem.


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