Non-Stick Grill Pan


Ideal for grilling, stirring, roasting vegetables, meat, and seafood. Wide handles on each side for easy transport of the grill pan and the raised edge around the grill pan helps keep food in place.

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High-quality stainless steel BBQ pan, professional and durable pan that will not deform when grilling food. Exceptional heat retention and durability. The holes allow fat and oil to drain from the meat and allow smoke to enter all parts of the meat. 11.3 “x 14.3” Outdoor grill pans with a large surface area for storing large amounts of food, but suitable for a modest grill. The BBQ Pan allows you to grill both outdoors and indoors with ease, giving you the same great barbecue flavour for your family and friends while barbecuing without wasting food on the fire. Allows you to enjoy the fresh taste of the open flame of food, which usually falls apart or falls through the grill. Smaller vegetables and flaked fish will preserve the roasted flavour without losing lumps of ash and coals.


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