Plastic Hanging Basket For Potted Plants


An inner pot with a drain mesh allows excess water to pass through, and an outer basket with a drain plug can store water to prevent over or under-watering and prevent plants and flowers from drought. It provides excellent stability and balance of the flower pot, you do not need to worry about falling and damaging flowers and plants.

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Plastic hanging flower potted basket is very fashionable and modern, perfect for modern home decoration. It is very suitable for flowers, grass, succulents, cacti, and artificial plants. It is the preferred flower pot for hanging home, office, garden, porch, balcony, windowsill. Made of high-quality plastic and rattan weaving technology, these hanging plant baskets are very unique and creative. They are suitable for planting chrysanthemums and green dill, adding green and warm tones to your home and office. This outdoor hanging planter has a two-pot design, making it easy to grow plants.


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