Plastic Watering Can With Big Nose


The watering can is designed for indoor or outdoor use, if you want to water large or small flowers, it is very suitable. It drains easily and practically does not lose water when watering.



Every home needs a garden, and every garden needs a watering can. Whether you are watering a few indoor plants on the balcony or on a table in the hallway or watering a complete botanical garden, we have the right watering can for you. Keep an easy-to-handle jar with devices designed with ergonomics in mind. Large volume, no need to constantly replenish the long neck design, pouring smoothly, no splashing everywhere. A wonderful gift for your friends and loved ones. Ideal for indoor and outdoor plants, it increases humidity around plants and flowers to keep them healthy. The watering can is made of quality material, durable and safe to use. Made of high-quality plastic, easy to use, comfortable handle, removable elongated thorn with thorns allows you to reach plants further without stepping on other plants.


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