Portable Wall Mounted Irrigation Hose


This is one of the most reliable and convenient hose holders that ensures safe transport and no tangle. An extra carrying handle is included. The portability of this hose holder is impressive.

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The wall-mounted garden hose rack is rugged and safe, compact in design, and lightweight makes it ideal for moving around terraces, balconies, and small gardens. The new polypropylene material features high strength, high viscosity, health and environmental friendliness, and a simple design. It is both functional and decorative. Portable multi-functional gun head, adjustable water types with seven different pressures. Explosion-proof high-pressure water pipe, wear-resistant, high temperature, and high-pressure resistant. Dura flex is a specially designed two-layer material to create this expandable hose. There are rust-resistant brass connectors. The double-layer construction ensures no water leaks. High-class spray nozzles are included with the hose. The valves found in these nozzles help a smooth flow of water that can be well regulated. You can adjust the water pressure to your liking. The advantage of the ergonomic handle is that it never slips off and you can hold it comfortably even when it is not dry.


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