Refillable Flame Adjustable Lighter


The design of the gas safety lock can effectively prevent misuse by children, and just press the igniter and you can get a continuous blue flame.

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This lighter is reusable and can be filled with butane and most other butane fuels. Just turn the lighter upside down, then turn the gas bottle over and insert the tip of the gas bottle into the filling valve. Press 5 times and each time will last 8 seconds. Use normal butane filling and wait 3 minutes after filling with gas, let the gas stabilize in the lighter. This lighter can be used as a grill lighter, candle lighter, barbecue lighter, camping lighter, gas lighter, fireplace lighter, stove lighter. You can use it easily with one hand. Store it in your pocket for use on the road or in packaging for the kitchen, outdoors, or on the go. Sleek and stylish design makes it easy to carry a classic lighter in an elegant box, perfect for gifts. Suitable for occasions such as camping, barbecue, travel, parties. Whether you cook at home on the stove or just want a great portable lighter, this lighter will be a good partner for you. Pocket size makes it easy to carry.


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