Round Aluminum Grill Tins 20 Pcs


Made from high-quality aluminium foil, this economical packaging is environmentally friendly and recyclable.

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The round shape is made of high-quality food-grade aluminium foil. Heat-resistant, durable, holds its shape, well suited for preparing hot portioned dishes. This foil container is convenient for freezing and baking food. The round trays of professional aluminium pots, which are used for serving ready meals and delivering them to take away, will be thicker and stronger than a thick flat board with one side of aluminium foil. You can keep food warm or cold while keeping the outside clean. Perfect for large parties, events, banquets, barbecues, and any other social gathering with a lot of people. Bake cakes and other treats, grill or roast hearty meats, keep fruits and vegetables fresh, and more.


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