Scandinavian Cotton Adjustable Apron


Waterproof and oil-resistant, easy to clean, can be worn by both men and women, making your housework easier for you.

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Material cotton blend the lacing behind the waist is strong enough, but do not pull on the waist to avoid tearing. Soft material culinary aprons are made of cotton and linen has no toxic chemicals, are soft-touch, lightweight, and comfortable to wear, they do not look bloated when worn. You can adjust the neck and waist length and freedom according to your needs, the right size fits most people. The apron cutout is designed with adjustable buttons and a large front pocket that can be used for seasoning bags, mobile phones, recipe cards, pens, plastic bags while cooking. This cotton and linen kitchen apron is suitable for many occasions and can be used by most people, whether used in the kitchen, studio or anywhere else, it can protect your clothes from getting your clothes dirty while cooking, cutting flowers doing household chores.


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