Steam Grill Cleaner


It can be used for washing hard dishes on barbecues, kitchens, hoods. Strong wire for easy cleaning, inexpensive and suitable for a variety of grills.

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Portable brush with handle, replaceable steam and water tank for cleaning. Ergonomic moulded handles, removable lid for easy cleaning, dishwasher safe. Preheat your grill before using the steam grill brush. Thanks to the steam’s cleaning ability, no chemicals are required to keep your grill flawless and hygienic and extend its life for years. Made from high-quality stainless steel with high-quality plastic handle, the grill brush will last longer and is also easy to use. The grill is easy to clean and sterilize with a steam barbecue cleaner for healthier and more delicious cooking. There is no more soot or chemical residues on the grill. The universal steam grill brush is safe for steel, cast iron or ceramic gas grill, charcoal grill, smoke grill, porcelain grill, infrared grill.


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