Sturdy Bamboo Grill Skewers


Delight your guests and loved ones with beautiful and delicious snacks on various skewers with cheese, fish, shrimp, bacon, sausage, vegetables, berries and fruits. Shish kebab is disposable, shelf life is not limited.

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By using a layer of bamboo leather as a starting material, plant fibers become tough and durable. Made from 100% bamboo, completely renewable. Skewers are used when setting the table with multi-layered mini sandwiches, kebabs from chicken wings, sausages, squid, meat, vegetables, fruits and other ingredients from various products. Ideal for buffets, parties and children’s parties. Soak in boiling water before use to prevent bamboo sticks from drying out, catching fire or breaking during barbecue. And the small size of these snacks allows you to eat even delicious dishes.


  • Material: natural bamboo
  • Size: about 20 x 1 cm / 7.87″ x 0.39″
  • Quantity: 30 pcs


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