Transparent Sturdy Seedling Cup


Transparent pots allow you to monitor the condition of the plant’s roots. Ideal for transplanting into a plastic pot, durable plastic pots are made of thick studio-grade plastic. Ideal for plants that require sunlight and air.

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Fertilizer retention and drought protection, seedling growth, ease of growing, easy transportation, heat retention and root protection. Used in flower pot, growing nutrient cup. Phalaenopsis feeding cups are designed to absorb heat during the day, retain heat and protect the roots at night, and protect against fertilization. Convenient for centralized transplanting and cultivation, and the bottom is permeable for better plant growth. Suitable for landscaping, flower nursery production, home garden, balcony garden. Drainage holes in the bottom of each pot. The holes in the transparent ones provide good air circulation and watering. Grow young and mature plants in these clear pots.


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