Wide Skewers With Long Wooden Handle


Large Brazilian style BBQ skewers with 0.55″ blade and long handle. Treat yourself and your loved ones to a wonderful gift.

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The skewer is made of stainless steel, the solid oak handle protects your hands from the heat of the skewers. Easy to clean, just wash the skewer with a mild detergent and store it in a dry place. The thick and flat design is suitable for grilling large pieces of food such as ribs, fish, tomatoes, peppers, preventing food from spinning on the skewer. Wide application ideal for grilling chicken kebabs and tomatoes, also great for kebabs, turkish kebabs, sikeh-kabob. Quality wooden stainless steel handles for hand cooling and a secure grip. Pointed ends provide ease of use with all types of meat and vegetables. Ideal for barbecuing. The beautiful wooden handle is covered with several layers of fire-resistant varnish. The skewer is polished to a mirror shine; this beautiful product will be appreciated not only by amateurs but also by professionals.


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