Put an End to Your Dog's Skin Problems and Allergies

Put an End to Your Dog’s Skin Problems and Allergies

11/02/2022 Off By Charlotte Coleman

Who else finally wants to put an end to their dog’s skin problems and allergies (including scratching, itching, biting and licking)? Without shampoos, creams, drugs, injections and trips to the vet.

In this groundbreaking book, an acclaimed dog health consultant reveals the real secret to eliminating a dog’s skin problems. You’ll discover the method already used by hundreds of dog owners to rid their pets of skin problems forever. You’ll finally regain the peace of mind and pleasure that a happy, healthy and contented dog brings.

Just some of what you will learn: The real cause of a dog’s scratching and other skin problems – and why the solution is much easier than you think. How to cure your dog’s allergies once and for all and literally ‘reset’ its allergy-fighting mechanism. The three things that virtually every dog owner does – which is a ‘ticking time bomb’ for skin problems and even more serious diseases and much more.

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