The Front Porch Ideas Generator

The Front Porch Ideas Generator

16/02/2022 Off By Charlotte Coleman

In our book, we feature ten homes whose homeowners would love a porch. We show you these homes “before” pictures. Then we show you conceptual “after pictures” that an architect drew up of how their homes would look with a new porch. And wow, what a nice difference in each of these homes.

You’ll see not only welcoming porches but also the porch steps, walkways, roofs, and landscaping too. Things you maybe haven’t considered in your porch planning. Our ebook can help you think through things and feel more confident in your porch planning.

See examples of steps, walkways, roofs and landscaping before you start your porch project. Save yourself from disappointment by seeing these possibilities for your own porch.

A sampling of ideas you’ll see: How to expand a tiny porch into an inviting space. See how a brick home can be softened with a front porch. Visualize how you can inject “wow” into your walkways. How freshening your landscaping can supercharge your home’s curb appeal. A narrow porch is made wider and goes from cramped to comfortable. See how adding a screened porch to the front of a cute ranch style home looks. And much more.

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